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Stephanie Nicole Luxury Wigs custom designs and makes wigs to order. Stephanie produces lace frontal wigs specifically to your wants and needs using the best quality 100% human hair that we can source. Together we can discuss and create the perfect length, colour and style wig that fits your head and your personality perfectly. The lace frontal gives the most beautiful and realistic hairline creating a completely natural look and allowing the parting to fall wherever you desire.

Wig making is a relatively new venture within Stephanie Nicole Hair Salon so photographs are currently limited, however this will be built as we make more over time. Please see our colour gallery for inspiration. Any of these colours can be created on your custom unit using the amazing INsight professional colour brand. Should you have any queries or questions or would like to place an order please do not hesitate to get in touch using our contact us page. Prices are based on chosen details during consultation and UK delivery is included along with full aftercare advice pack and continued support from us as a brand. 

We do not offer refunds or returns for our wig products. Should any alterations need to be made please ensure you make contact within 14 days of receiving your product and we will happily discuss alteration options. Wigs must be returned for alterations unaltered (no cutting, colouring or shampooing) so we can ensure the product is in its original state and fit for alterations. 


Head over to our gallery to see a selection of the wigs we have already made for our clients.


Head to our aftercare section to find full care instructions for your new unit

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10" - 12" £450
12" - 14" £600
14" - 16" £750
18" - 20" £950
22" - 24" £1150
26" £1250


10" - 12" £400
12" - 14" £450
14" - 16" £550
18" - 20" £750
22" - 24" £950
26" £1150

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Looking after your wig well doesn't just keep your hair looking fabulous, it keeps your hair looking fabulous for longer. Lace frontal and lace closure wigs are designed and made specifically for you. From stitching construction to cutting and colouring these wigs are personalised to your requirements and when looked after properly should last you for years. 

Using 100% human hair allows us to treat the wig as if it were our own hair. We can colour, cut and style as necessary. However, like our own hair, over using these systems can damage our hair. It is not advised to recolour your wig after you receive it. Silver toning shampoos can be used to keep cooler blondes cool but should you wish to make alterations to your colour we advise to return it to us to alter or purchase an alternative coloured wig and add to your collection!

To heat or not to heat? The most damage can be caused by styling with heated appliances. Wigs do not produce natural oils like our scalps do meaning the hair doesn't get that natural cleanse and protect and therefore can dry out quicker than our own. It is important to use lower heat settings where possible or even setting to achieve desired styles. Heat protection sprays, cooler hair dryer settings post shampoo and treating at the wash basin will also help keep your wig soft, shiny and split free. 

Yes you can shampoo your wig. This may be needed from time to time to keep your hair looking and feeling fresh, especially if you have used sprays or products to create fabulous styles! For the best results and longevity always use professional shampoo, conditioner and products. We highly recommend INsight Professional. INsight Professional shampoos are formulated without SLS and SLES (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Sodium Laureth Sulfate), which are considered aggressive and potentially irritating surfactants. As a replacement, they use a more gentle cleansing agent, derived from Coconut. INsight Professional are a 100% vegan and cruelty free brand that uses recycled packaging. Looking good AND doing good... Before you start, ensure your wig is fully brushed out and detangled prior to shampooing to reduce any chance of tangling at the wash basin/sink/bath. The recommended way to shampoo is to fill your basin, bath or sink with cool/tepid water and submerge your wig into it. Remove your wig and scrunch shampoo into the hair to create a lather (do not rub to avoid tangles) Submerge back into the water to rinse and then squeeze out any excess water before applying your conditioner. Leave your conditioner for a couple of minutes before rinsing again then gently squeeze your hair dry using a towel, avoid any rubbing, to keep your locks beautiful. Air dry your hair on a wig stand or blow dry as advised in the heat section above.

For any other aftercare questions or advice regarding the care of your wig we are here to help! Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us through our website contact us page or drop us a message on our social media pages. 

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